Exploring the industrial heritage of Rijeka

Rijeka – Kantrida – Trsat - Rijeka

Thanks to its strategic position and proximity to the centre of European power in the past, Rijeka has always been desired by many rulers and empires. From the Romans or the Counts of Devin to the Frankopans and the Habsburgs, the “city that flows” developed and grew alongside many of the world’s industrial metropolises. Even today, many buildings testify to the strength of Rijeka’s industrialization over the centuries. See for yourself. Take a cycling tour to visit some of the important sites of Rijeka’s rich industrial history.

From Jadranski trg (square), the route will first take you towards Brajda, the “Central Industrial Area” where the world-famous Sugar Refinery, Tobacco Factory and Rope Factory existed. From Brajda, continue towards Kantrida to the “Western Industrial Area” led by the Oil Refinery, the Torpedo Factory and the shipyard 3. Maj (Third May). On the way back to the city centre, visit the port area with its unique richly decorated port warehouses. Be sure to visit the Torpedo Museum here. The route then continues in the direction of Trsat, where you can enjoy the view of the city from the Trsat Castle. Afterwards, take a look into the depths of space at the Rijeka Astronomical Centre at Sveti Križ. After descending from Sušak, what remains is to visit the cradle of Rijeka’s industry – Vodovodna and Ružićeva streets with their old mills and the unique paper factory. Just before the end, the route will literally take you through Rijeka’s “underground” – a 330-meter-long tunnel that was built 80 years ago.

29.5 km
total ascent
415 m
lowest point
2 m
highest point
190 m
physical difficulty
Asphalt: 98%
Gravel: 0%
Forest track: 0%