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Bakar is an ancient port and one of the oldest towns on the Adriatic. Mediterranean Sea has penetrated the deepest part of mainland right here in Bakar Bay, reaching a depth of up to 44m.

As if in his arms, Bakar rose proudly on the hill in a shape of a stone amphitheater. The town has been present on historical stage for 5000 years, while its core was registrated as a cultural monument in 1968. Every step through town alleys and its surroundings, reveals a new and exciting story with unexpected contrasts. The area of the town of Bakar covers 126km² and unites numerous natural diversities.

Bakar and its eight neighbouring places; Hreljin, Krasica, Kukuljanovo, Plosna, Ponikve, Praputnjak, Škrljevo i Zlobin, vineyards surrounded by stone drywalls known as Bakarske Prezidi-Takala, karst lake which arises and disappears in Ponikva, ruins of the medieval town of Hreljin located on a cliff 321m above the sea and the top of Mountain Risnjak, represent just some of captivating things the town of Bakar and nearby places offer their visitors.

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