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The municipality of Čavle is the place to come, stop, look, listen and smell. We are located just 8 km from Rijeka. In the hinterland of Rijeka at the bottom of Gorski Kotar.

One has to see for your own eyes when we climb the old Louisiana road to the Buzdohanj plateau that offers a view of the “Grobnik Alps” which, depending on the season, change colour from grey, green, blue to purple, to make them white in winter and invite us to winter pleasures on the slopes of Platak.

If we listen better, we will hear the hum of enginesthen it is the Automotodrom Grobnik, which is always alive at any time of the year. Engines and their owners that come from all over Europe have become an integral part of the “music” that every inhabitant of our area quickly becomes accustomed to.

Due to the specificity of the relief and geological structure, the municipality of Čavle encompasses different types of soil and vegetation, reflecting different climates, so here we can smell different types of herbs from that of the typical Mediterranean such sage to the smell of linden and elder in the higher regions.

This region also stands out for its rich history, as evidenced by the remains from prehistoric times. Walking over Grobnik Field, we come across the remains of Roman limes. Many armies passed through this turbulent region, many battles took place here, and today the most famous is the one with the Tatars of 1242.

Above Grobnik Field is the old town of Grobnik, still in stone today, as if defying all adversity, but also vigilantly watching everything that is happening in the valley. The old signatory of the Vinodol Law of 1288 is famous. The Frankopan family, who at one time owned the old fort, also left their mark, and also mentioned is the first transcript of the Bible in the Croatian language, ordered by BernardineFrankopan of Grobnik and written by 5 friars in Grobnik’sscribe’s office. The rich history and early Christianity is also witnessed by the Church of Sts Philip and James, which has been standing here for 900 years.

From the viewpoint of the old town of Grobnik, there is a beautiful view, and if that is not enough for us, we can descend to Grobnik airfield and by plane we can see all the beauty and splendour of the Čavle municipality, and beyond.

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