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Kastav is a backdrop for unforgettable experiences. It is a place that brings together unspoilt nature and five thousand years of history. 

A small fortified town within whose walls top gastronomy and a rich cultural and historical heritage create a new story daily that you can enjoy with a beautiful view of Kvarner.

The narrow streets of its old town are a kind of open-air gallery in which the artistic spirit is felt with every step, but it is also a signpost to the unique Loza and Lužina, the centuries-old forests that surround it and which are the perfect destination for outdoor sports activities

The beautiful forests of Loza and Lužina that surround Kastav are the perfect place for an escape from everyday life.

It only takes a few steps from the centre of Kastav to immerse yourself in the idyll of Kastav forests, walk along marked and themed trails, conquer the Kastav peaks and enjoy the view extending from them. Right behind Crekvina, electric bicycles are waiting for you, which can be used on the same tracks as the more common two wheeled bikes.

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