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Kraljevica is an old seaside town located at the entrance to the Bay of Bakar, about twenty kilometers south of Rijeka. It has indented coasts, green and lush vegetation, so it is known for its beaches and nice walkways. Two medieval castles with a church, which are the legacy of the Croatian noble families Zrinski and Frankopan, are the venue for numerous cultural and entertainment events in the summer, and together with the surrounding area are a well-known tourist destination for those who want to rest, sail, dive and, of course, have fun and enjoy cultural offer.

Thanks to its geographical location, natural beauty and healthy climate, Kraljevica is one of the first centers of health tourism from the end of the last century, which is also linked to the tourism development of Kraljevica. Interesting fact: the tradition of health tourism is due, among other things, to the benefits of the climate, so in the description from the very beginning of the 20th century, sea, air, sun and sand baths are mentioned, and the impact of the bora wind on health is especially emphasized.

Staying outdoors is one of the most important assets of Kraljevica. Well-maintained walkways are an opportunity to enjoy the ambiance of this region. From the sea, through the old towns in the hinterland of Kraljevica, all the way to the wooded areas, it combines many things in one: recreation, the beauty of nature, a tour of cultural monuments and a journey through tradition and many gastronomic experiences. Do you particularly enjoy diving or sailing? Do you prefer walking or driving in cooler, green areas? We are not asking you to decide – stay here and choose!

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