Lončeva griža trail

Ronjgi – Globići – Lončeva griža – Skvažići - Ronjgi

The Lončeva griža hiking trail is named after the 506-meter-high pass, located in the middle of the ridge that separates the Kastav region from the Grobnik region. It was first mentioned in 1778 under the name Sabatinova Grisha. The word “griža” means a lot of rocks and stones in a pile. Regardless of this large amount of stones, you have no reason to worry. Simply enjoy your walk and the attractive viewpoints.

Starting from Ronjga, the nine-kilometre-long trail first climbs the asphalt road to Globić, after which it continues along the forest trail to the pass. At that point, you will start the descent towards Kukuljani. Upon arriving at Ponikvica, turn right and you will soon reach the Trnovica – Saršoni road. Follow the road to the top of the climb, after which you turn left onto a forest road that will take you to Lončeva griža, from the top of which there is a stunning view of Kastav, the Grobnik area, the whole of Kvarner, the mountains of Gorski Kotar and all the way to Slovenia. At the viewpoint, you will find an educational trail with trilingual (Chakavian dialect, standard Croatian and English) information boards describing the work of the former quarry, and on the rock of the old quarry, there is a display of stonemason and cavador tools. Below the viewpoint, on the limestone rock, members of the “Baštijan Brothers” amateur artists association organized a unique exhibition called “View from the rocks”, which was inspired by traditional motifs of Viškovo. After this, you descend along the trail to Skvažići and cross the “petroleum road”, before continuing along pleasantly shaded forest trails formed between centuries-old dry stone walls and sinkholes to the starting point in Ronjgi.

9.5 km
total ascent
280 m
lowest point
375 m
highest point
515 m
03:00 h
Asphalt: 25%
Terrain: 75%