Roe Deer trail

Kastav - Jelovičani - Breza - Mačkov vrh - Šparožna jama - Brajani - Kastav

If you want to spend the day in the fresh air and are looking for an opportunity for a longer walk, try the ‘Stazu srna’ (‘Roe Deer Trail’). From the centre of Kastav, along Crekvina, you exit onto a forest road that connects with a trail from Jelovičani. You turn towards the village of Jelovičani where you pass the village water tank (šterna). Continue towards Breza and the ‘Sebenjino’ hunting lodge. On this road, you will come to the former border crossing of the Kingdom of Italy and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The remains of military facilities, watchtowers (karaulas) and boundary stones bear witness to the turbulent events in the Kastav region during the 1920s.

Following the path, you will arrive in the village of Breza, which was completely burned in the Second World War. Take a break in front of the Church of Our Lady Help of Christians, and then continue along the forest road to the highest peak in Kastav – Mačkov vrh (504 m). Enjoy the beautiful view of the hinterland of Kastav, Učka and Gorski Kotar, with the Kvarner Bay on the south side. Not far from the peak Mačkov vrh is the ‘Šparožna Cave’, an attractive cave rich in decorations. Entrance to the cave is only available to speleologists. The road takes you further towards the Stanić rest area, from where the trail descends to the village of Brajani, as well as the abandoned village of Cari and Spinčićev breg. Through the hamlet of Brnini, you will return to Fortica in Kastav.

14 km
total ascent
240 m
lowest point
310 m
highest point
470 m
04:00 h
Asphalt: 10%
Terrain: 90%