Snail trail

Kastav – Eko staza Loza - Japnenice – Majevi vrh - Spinčićev breg - Kastav

This walking trail starts from the old town of Kastav, passes through Crekvina, and continues through the forest beauty of Loza. Just a step away from the city, you will find yourself in deep greenery. The forest, intertwined with wide and narrow paths, hides many natural and historical sights. You will come across japnenice, pits where lime used to be produced from stone. Explore centuries of history with the story of the Rapallo border that divided the Kingdom of Italy and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in the 1920s. Remains of boundary stones, observation posts, watchtowers, bunkers and trenches are faithful witnesses of a turbulent military history. If you are looking for additional adventures, climb to the peak of the trail, i.e. “Majev vrh” (411 m), and enjoy the boundless silence and the view of the Kastav region. The forest abounds in numerous sinkholes and ditches, stone and dry stone walls, while the strange shapes of the natural rock formations will catch your attention. Return to Fortica via the rest areas of Spinčićev breg, Belićev breg and the hamlet of Brnini.

4.5 km
total ascent
110 m
lowest point
335 m
highest point
395 m
01:30 h
Asphalt: 20%
Terrain: 80%