Rijeka and surroundings

Rijeka and the surroundings consist of a unique region which surprises with its natural, historical and cultural diversity. The pleasant Mediterranean climate has in many ways shaped the once royal town of Bakar, the important industrial port of Rijeka and the charming coastal towns of Kraljevica and Kostrena, whereas the mild continental climate has contributed to the forested areas of Jelenje, Klana, Kastav, Viškovo and Čavle. In the same day, it is possible to climb the peaks of the popular Grobnik Alps and then to descend to one of the numerous beaches on the coastal stretch between Rijeka and Kraljevica. The views of the grassy slopes, the Adriatic Sea and the little towns situated on the hills of the Rijeka and the surroundings are intertwined with the urban bustle of the city of Rijeka.

Once you take stop here, you will discover a relatively small, yet open and hospitable region where its layered history, dynamic traditions and busy everyday life are combined, there really is a lot of it on offer.

A walk or adventure?

The trails of Rijeka and the surroundings vary by location, length, duration and difficulty. The number of routes and destinations, as well as the quality of the facilities along the trails, will equally satisfy walkers, recreational and experienced hikers. Whichever trail you decide upon, one thing is certain – the biodiversity, the preserved nature and historical and cultural features of the region will be a very good excuse to extend your visit for several hours.