Hreljin old town

Hreljin old town (the Castle) represents the ruins of the medieval city built on the most western part of Vinodol, above Bakarac, the former port of Hreljin, on the pyramid-like hill and on steep slopes, 321 m above the sea.

In the Middle Ages the old town of Hreljin was an important residential, commercial, defensive and administration center located on the passage from the mountain area towards the sea and for that reason it can be said that Hreljin was once a large medieval feudal town.

The medieval town of Hreljin was mentioned for the first time in 1225 when King Andrew II of Hungary donated the principality of Vinodol, which included the town of Hreljin, to the Frangipanes. Hreljin was also documented in 1288 in the Vinodol Code, which was supported by the representatives of the town of Hreljin.

The town was abandoned due to economic changes, particularly after the Karolina road was constructed, connecting Bakar to the city of Karlovac. The last inhabitants of Hreljin were three priests who eventually left the old town in 1790 and began living in the then new town of Hreljin.

Up until today, amongst the visible remains and what is left on the town walls and a variety of other objects, two ecclesiastical facilities have also been conserved: St. George’s church bell tower together with ruins of the church itself and also the church of the Holy Virgin Mary. It is not known when construction of the tower and St. George’s church began, but with regards to the importance of the former town of Hreljin, we can suppose that it occured during the 13th century.