Discovering the old crafts of the Grobnik area

Dražice – Lukeži – Martinovo selo – Lubarska – Jelenje - Dražice

The Grobnik area is said to be a destination for gourmets, recreationists, adrenaline lovers and nature lovers. It is an area rich in history and tradition, which served as the meeting point of various travellers and passers-by. Take a step forward, enter the Grobnik area and discover numerous Grobnik attractions and curiosities.
Your exploration of the Grobnik area begins with the Milkmaid’s Square in Dražice, dedicated to the hard-working women who supplied Rijeka with milk every day. You will soon arrive at the “Kovačija” (smithy), preserved in its original form with equipment that has been used in blacksmith workshops for centuries. From the smithy, you will descend towards the Rječina, which you cross at Lucija’s whirlpool and continue upstream to Martinovo selo. Here, in addition to the Regional Museum, you can visit the only remaining mill on the Rječina and learn how bread is made, from grain to “pogača”. The road takes you from Gašpar’s mill through Jelenje to the remains of the Roman wall that served to defend the Roman Empire. Also, before returning to Dražice, explore the Heavenly labyrinths along Sušica or fall in love again while walking down Love Avenue.

Napomena: After heavy rainfall, it is not advisable to take the walking trail due to the Sušica’s high flow.

8 km
total ascent
200 m
lowest point
245 m
highest point
345 m
02:30 h
Asphalt: 50%
Terrain: 50%