Walking to the town of Grobnik

Čavle – Rakovo – Matelci – Town of Grobnik – Škaroni – Zastenice – Podrvanj – Čavle

This undemanding 9.5-kilometer-long trail starts from the centre of Čavle and follows an old road to the town of Grobnik. Macadams, roads and narrow forest paths are packed with experiences. In addition to colourful flowers and the intoxicating scent of herbs such as sage and smoke tree, you will be greeted by sheep, cows and horses along the way. On your way towards the town of Grobnik, you will first pass the abandoned village of Matelci. Next is the Frankulin estate, a country house of the Frankulin nobles from 1660 and the place where the well-known Grobnik cheese is produced.

Beautiful views of the canyon of Rječina, Učka, Rijeka and the entire Kvarner greatly complement the historical stories of the noble Zrinski and Frankopan family. Grobnik Castle, built on a 466 m high hill, between the left bank of the river Rječina and Grobnik field, has been owned by the counts of Krk since 1225 and served as an important strategic point. In the time of the violent Ottoman invasions, the locals found security and protection in the towers and walls of this castle. Today, the castle is home to an Interpretation Centre, the Regional Museum of Grobnik and the Gallery of contemporary art. With an archaeological stereoscope placed on one of the castle towers, you can peek into the distant past of the Roman Empire and see a 3D animation of Claustra, the late antique defence complex.

Finally, you descend along the forest road towards the hamlet of Zastenice and Grobnik field, before returning to the centre of Čavle.

9.5 km
total ascent
300 m
lowest point
285 m
highest point
470 m
03:30 h
Asphalt: 50%
Terrain: 50%