St. Bartholomew’s trail

Čavle – Cernik – Cernički vrh - Čavle

St. Bartholomew’s trail is named after the patron saint of the parish of Cernik, and is one of the oldest places in the municipality of Čavle. The trail starts from the centre of Čavle, a settlement that owes its development to the construction of Lujzinska cesta at the beginning of the 19th century. Once a modern road for horses and oxen, it connected the ports of the northern Adriatic with the interior, and today it is a real tourist attraction. In addition to visiting the milestone that determined the distance to Rijeka, make a stop at Čebuhar’s house, once a popular inn and place of refreshment for travellers and coachmen.

The unique “Cernički križni put” (Cernik Way of the Cross trail) is located near the Church of St. Bartholomew, and has characteristic stations with writings in Grobnik Chakavian dialect. After a steep climb, enjoy a well-deserved rest at the highest point of the trail, Cernički vrh, recognizable by its three large concrete crosses. You will be rewarded with beautiful views of the Grobnik area and the Rijeka Bay. What follows is a return to the outskirts of Cernik, where you will cross the highway and return to the centre of Čavle. At that point, make sure you try a traditional Grobnik dish like Grobnik cheese or potato polenta.

5 km
total ascent
185 m
lowest point
300 m
highest point
410 m
01:45 h
Asphalt: 20%
Terrain: 80%