Lake Ponikve – “Now you see it, now you don’t”

Kukuljanovo – Gradina – Ponikve - Kukuljanovo

While exploring the Bakar hinterland, do not miss the natural phenomenon in Ponikve and the opportunity to get to know its many beauties and rich diversity, all within an 8.5 km long educational trail. Discover the rare karst phenomenon of the temporary lake that forms and dissipates. In the spring or during heavy rains, experience a unique diving experience among sunken trees, hunting lodges and trails. Explore more than six specimens from the rich plant world, and among them find the unique endemic Entire-Petalled Gorse.

The trail has two starting points, surrounds the valley and provides a lot of interesting information about the rich flora and fauna of the area. If you start from Kukuljanovo, you will first make a turn towards Gradina, the remains of an Illyrian fortress that had a strategic position as it was overlooking the surrounding settlements. From Gradina, there is a beautiful panoramic view of the Bakar Bay and the picturesque green valley.

8.5 km
total ascent
350 m
lowest point
105 m
highest point
345 m
03:00 h
Asphalt: 0%
Terrain: 100%