Claustra with salt flavour

Žurkovo – Žuknica – Raspelje – Solin – Glavani – Mažeri – Žurkovo

Kostrena, an old coastal town mentioned as early as the beginning of the 15th century, is the seat of many fishermen, sailors and captains. Apart from the beautiful promenade by the sea, Kostrena also hides hilly areas that were first inhabited since the prehistoric period. The archaeological site of Solin, built in Roman times, is easily accessible from the picturesque Žurkovo bay.

Start from the Žurkovo bay and stop in front of the Way of the Sea mural, which vividly shows the history of Kostrena and its connection with the sea. Continue upwards along the undemanding path bordered by dry stone walls, which is especially charming due to the scent of various Mediterranean plants in bloom. Sage, snowdrop, cyclamen, thyme and coastal pine are just some of the plant species that make this area magical.

This route testifies to the late antique defence system of the Claustra Alpium Iuliarum, which protected the centre of the Roman Empire from barbarian incursions. The Roman fortress on Solin had the function of supervising the road that connected Tarsatica with Senj. From here, you can enjoy the most beautiful view of the Rijeka Bay. With the additional possibility of recreation on the running trail, you descend towards the village of Glavani and return to the centre.

7.7 km
total ascent
340 m
lowest point
2 m
highest point
280 m
02:30 h
Asphalt: 40%
Terrain: 60%