Following the footsteps of the ancient Illyrians

Lučica Stara voda – Svežanj – Doričići – Sveta Lucija – Sopalj – Dujmići - Rožmanići – Lučica Stara voda

For the starting point of the route, choose Lučica Stara voda, from where you can take a coastal walking trail towards the Svežanj bay, one of the largest natural pearls of Kvarner. It is most visited in the summer months for refreshment in the crystal clear sea. Due to the rare and protected underwater species found here, it is considered a submarine park.

From here, you will climb towards the village of Sveta Lucija, who is also one of its patrons. Well-kept paths lined with boulders lead you to the top of Sopalj, the location of an old Liburnian fortress built to control the Bakar Bay. Take a break with a view of the ancient port of Bakar and one of the oldest cities on the Adriatic. After this, you will return to the settlement of Dujmići via the Putem bakarskih školana trail, part of the path that the people of Kostrena walked while attending the Maritime School in Bakar.

Kostrena’s pick of well-known locals is a testament to the long maritime tradition of the place, such as Captain Randić who sailed the Suez Canal before its opening, designer Erasmo Bernard Tićac who participated in the design of the first nuclear-powered merchant ship, or Kuzma Franelić who participated in rescuing survivors from the Titanic. But, as well as learning about its maritime tradition, in Kostrena, you can taste the unique Kostrena cake, an original edible souvenir in its original packaging.

8.5 km
total ascent
350 m
lowest point
2 m
highest point
280 m
02:45 h
Asphalt: 50%
Terrain: 50%